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Ecommerce brands spend 10-24% of their budget on SEO

source: Marketing Sherpa


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Choosing an SEO services company is a vital aspect to any digital marketing strategy.  Whether you’re hiring your first or you have been through a long list of companies and so-called “experts”, hiring the right team can not only save you months of time and significant expense but should provide you with significant returns on your investment.

Today’s SEO has evolved to include more than just on-site optimization and link-building.  Today more than 200 “signals” across multiple algorithms drive Search Engines to rank pages not only based on the keywords but now on topics, intent, authority, location, type, platform and more.

Why work with SEO Web-Dev?

1.       Experience is the key:  Our founders have been optimizing websites since 1998 and building websites since 1996.  We are one of Los Angeles’ first SEO companies.

2.       Customization:  We provide a customized approach to each of our clients.  Your business, staff, goals, offerings and authority & brand have unique aspects which require a tailored approach. 

3.       Strategy:  Our strategy starts in the stratosphere.  We begin with a 30,000 foot view of your campaign and drill down to the page-level.  More on our strategy can be seen here.

4.       Research & Analysis:  This is one of the most vital aspects of any SEO campaign.  Our analysis process is extensive and intensive; using a range of industry-best tools and our own proprietary software which we have developed and expanded over the last 2 decades. More on our R&A process is available here.

5.       Results:  SEO should be a long-term investment however there should be results within a short period of time.  We provide a blend of results with short-term and long-term goals.  There is no reason you should not be seeing gains in organic traffic within a matter of weeks, not months.

6.       Reporting:  SEO should be demystified and the results provided in a non-technical manner.  Our reporting provides your team with the knowledge it needs.  We don’t provide “pretty reports” filled with useless charts and graphs.  Our reports are robust, detailed and provide accurate and transparent reporting; showing you what was done, what the results were and new areas of focus, weakness, or possibility. 

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Areas of Search Engine Optimization

Local Business SEO

If you have a local business or have multiple locations doing local business you can take advantage of many tools from Google and Bing to local directories, local PR and more.  Optimizing your website for both localized search results as well as map results for both desktop and mobile can drive a considerable amount of qualified traffic.

Ecommerce SEO

For ecommerce websites it is necessary to optimize a range of elements from the URL to the categorization of your products to the information provided as product descriptions and supplemental or supportive content.  Many issues arise when ecommerce sites are either developed from a purely technical perspective or are built on out-of-the-box platforms like Shopify or Volusion.   Our ecommerce optimization includes Conversion Rate Optimization, technical analysis and fixes, and much more.

Mobile SEO

Mobile search is a reality and mobile generates more organic traffic than desktop search.  Google and others now rank mobile sites differently than desktop versions and success in one does not guarantee success in the other.  It is imperative that your mobile version be optimized not just for content but for speed, usability and more.  

International SEO

Whether you want to launch a website in a foreign market or you are a foreign company looking to launch in the U.S.A.; our ISEO campaigns establish and rank your website in the target country’s local search engines including Google. 

Video SEO

Video converts which is why it is a necessary tool in your digital marketing toolbox.  We optimize videos, related content (descriptions, transcriptions, CTA’s, etc.), landing pages, and more.  We also provide video concepts based on your product or service offering and target market.  Our VSEO services provide more than just Youtube marketing, taking advantage of rankings in organic search engine results and via other video promotion outlets.


Image SEO

Image search (or reverse image search) provides another avenue for generating organic traffic.  Images convey meaning more quickly and effectively than text and for many products and service, people begin their searches with images.  Whether for real estate, vacation destinations, cars, electronics or any other of a million other products and services, our ImgSEO ranks optimized images higher and for the specific terms they’re using to search.


Link-building is not only one of the most risky aspects of SEO it is ever changing.  Google is absolutely against any attempt to obtain links artificially and their Penguin algorithm is now a built-in part of their core ranking algorithm.  The best way to obtain quality, authoritative and natural links is by providing high-quality content and promoting that content through valid channels.  Whether by content promotion, industry-specific sources or good ol’ fashioned PR. 

Content Creation & Promotion

We create high-quality, researched and topic-focused content which is optimized for both search and for conversions.  We use content as a strategy for increasing traffic, visibility, branding/authority and for converting the viewers of that content to customers, followers or fans.

Document SEO

Search engines feature many types of content including PDFs, Word files, PowerPoint and more.  These documents can appear in search results just like any website.  They offer an excellent opportunity to rank authoritative content for those seeking it and they provide an excellent source of authority for your brand.  We optimize, categorize and can also assist in the creation of targeted, researched content.